Who We Are

Boone County Emergency Medicine is an independent, physician-owned Emergency Medicine group that provides care in and around central Indiana. We are affiliated with three hospital systems: Witham Health Services, Major Health Partners, and Johnson Memorial Hospital. Witham Health Services has two emergency departments: at its main campus in Lebanon, Indiana, and a free-standing emergency department at the Anson campus in Zionsville, Indiana. Major Hospital is in Shelbyville, Indiana. Johnson Memorial Hospital is in Franklin, Indiana.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing excellent clinical care with a personal touch to the residents of central Indiana and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be our communities’ Emergency Medicine healthcare provider of choice, while expanding the reach of our hospitals’ systems and being the preeminent leader in clinical care and service. We measure excellence by objective criteria and established best practices, and are constantly evolving to meet and exceed these goals.

Our Values

We believe that not only should the quality of care be excellent, but that truly outstanding emergency medical care means treating patients and their families with compassion, respect and dignity. We value hard work, and have a constant drive for improvement, both as individual providers and as a group. We embrace our role in our communities, not just as clinicians, but as active participants in the areas we serve. We take pride in having close relationships with the administrators and clinical leaders (physician and nursing) in our hospital systems. We believe that in the changing environment of medical care, the only way to be a driving force is to not just have a seat at the table, but to have a positive close relationship with the others at the table.